“Whoٰs Homaidan Alturki?!”

Homaidan is a #Saudi_Arabian linguistics student studying in the #US. He is also an active community member.

In 1995, al turki started an #ìslamic publishing company which later attracted Iaw enforcement agencies. Since then al turki has been in the FBI’s radar.

What is he convicted of?

Al Turki’s convictions were *limited to:
1- faIse imprisonment
2- unIawful sexual contact
3- theft
4- criminal extortion

>>And by •limited to• we mean that not including alI the alIegations the media has been (faIseIy) spreading about him related to: #Rape, #enslavement and other discussing alIegations.

Why too many supporters?

Al turki has built a very good reputation during his stay in the #UnitedStates. He is welI known in the community. The alIegations against Al Turki contradict his actual behavior.


- prior to his arrest, the FBI met with Al Turki and asked him to become an informant. Upon Alturki’s refusal he was threatened by an agent that Alturki will be put behind bars for life on any thing they can find on him. Two months later, Al turki was arrested.

- The case against Al turki had no circumstantial evidence. It was her word against his.

- ZA, the nanny, has declined the allegations against Al turki in tweIve different occasions.

- When we go through and re-analyze previous court-trials from oldest, even when hearing from attendance themselves, one can see the heat of sensitivity related to #Religious_Racism from the #DA towards the title of “Human Rights” in #Islam has been ascending and becoming clear as crystal every time she spoke. The #DA attacked the way #muslim_women dress. The #DA frequently reminded the jury that Alturki is a #muslim and #Saudi and also mentioned that some #Saudis were responsible for •Nine Slash Eleven• events.

The conspiracy theory:

~Al Turkis supporters feel that Al turki is in a big conspiracy. These feelings stem from the way the #DA handled the case.

In other words, Al Turki wasn’t the only one facing a trial, the attacks on #muslims (especialIy #Saudis) proves that it was a trial against #islam.

Why should he go free?

»Al turki has been the “model prisoner”<< as described by previous jail warden.

»He has completed his minimum sentence without any incidences.

»Al Turki has 5ive children in #Saudi_Arabia who need their father in their life.

»When free, Al Turki will return to his home country and will no longer be a burden to #Colorado.

What to understand from the Media?

Again, the media has blown the case to a large proportion with titles like "#saudi serving time in #colorado for #rape and #enslavement…" FaIsely accusing him.

At a point falsely accusing him of even being responsible in the murder of the previous head of #colorado Department of Corrections, Tom Clements.

Last week the media add a new charge against Al Turki, threatening to kill another inmate. Some thing the corrections department denied.

What to conclude:

– Al Turki has served his minimum eight-years sentence.
– Al Turki has been a model prisoner during that time.
– Al Turki has 5ive children and an ill mother who hasn't seen her own son for twelve years.
– Al Turki is not likely to be a repeat offender according to the psychiatrist on his case.
– Al Turki has been a great influence on any one he met, even in prison. he was heading a program in prison for prerelease rehab prisoners.

Once again, we ask: #Colorado_Free_AlTurki

هنا يرويها نبيل العوضي

Watch on YouTube:

سماحة مفتي عام المملكة يدعو للتركي—

Watch on YouTube:

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